Dutch Disco

Dutch Disco
I did a mixtape for my buddies from Dutch Disco!
Some of my favorite tracks, hope y’all dig!

Grab it-play it-dance to it!
Hi Y’all,

If you are a serious blog promoting the dutch disco scene all over the world (and we are), you must have you’re very own mixtape series.

Luckily we can now proudly present you the very first episode of the Dutch Disco Exlusive Mixtape series. And for that we invited one of the leading bosses of the scene, mr L’Equipe du Son himself. Owner of Silhouette Music.

Not too long ago, he released his album Ultrasonic wave sounds and for that we are thankful. We gave him the space to come up with a rare one and a half hour vinyl mix set that make you go hmmmm.

From now on we will facilitate you every month with a fresh exclusive mixtape.

More info @ http://ift.tt/2dEK7y1
Automated post from L’Equipe du Son – http://ift.tt/1FPBesX
October 05, 2016 at 05:19PM


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