Silhouette Music

Silhouette Music
the Beat Broker Remix of Familiar Stranger is now up on Youtube!
All the way from San Fran it’s America’s hope in troubled times
the Beat Broker!!

Who is this hero and what’s the story behind his take on L’Equipe du Son’s ‘Familiar Stranger’?

Read all about it and check the track on our YouTube channel, only the best channel there is!

**Tell us a little bit about yourself?

The Beat Broker is a DJ/Producer from San Francisco, 1/2 of Broker/Dealer and CEO of Dream Chimney

**What are production methods (what studio equipment, software, hardware,etc.)?

Currently im using Ableton with akai controllers, along with a Yamaha rs7000 and a few other vintage 80s synths.

**What’s the story behind your remix (how did the songs came together, what was your objective and that sort of stuff)

I selected the track ‘Familiar Stranger’ to remix because i really liked the slow tempo/groove and felt there was a lot of really cool elements to work with. With all remixes i try to keep the original track very prominent and clear that its a remix and not just a different track with some samples added. I started by piecing the original song together in sections, looping and extending my favorite parts of the track. Then started adding new, but similar, bassline and new synths to compliment. It was really important to keep a steady groove going throughout, few breaks. As with most of my remixes, a good amount of delay as well.

**What can we expect from you in the near future?

Ive just finished a follow up to my release on SENTRALL Records which is set for later this year. Also im currently gathering and composing new tracks for a second album. Stay tuned!


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March 08, 2016 at 03:23PM


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