Silhouette Music

Silhouette Music
2CV remix of Familiar Stranger is now available for your listening pleasure on Silhouette’s youtube channel, only the best youtube channel in this galaxy!
UP ON YouTube: 2CV’s Remix of Familiar Stranger!!

But what’s the story behind 2CV? Productions methods, this remix and future projects.. Read all about it!!

– Tell us a little bit about yourself?

We are 2CV. We are not French. We started by doing back to back DJ-ing in the living room for nights in a row. Now we are part of the Dutch Disco scene in Holland. I guess you could say we love the dark disco sound that goes around, but we tend to always look around the corner for new things. We’ve released on Discotexas, Nein and On the fruit records.

Also for the last 3 years we’ve been organising Club2CV in Amsterdam. Which is the cosiest party in the darkest clubs. We’ve had guests such as ‘A love from outer space’, ‘Moullinex’, ‘Bufi’, ‘Marvin & Guy’ and ‘Munk’. We’re really trying to build something here in Amsterdam. Making this underground scene and sound float to the surface…

– What are your production methods?

We work quite digital, but the main goal is always to make it sound real. So we use quite often real drum samples. On top of that we use lots of overdrives and detuning on all of our channels.
But before that it all starts with Ableton 9 for us. Love the way it works and we still use a lot of the plugins of ableton. (glue)Compressor, Eq, Arpeggiator, Impulse, Auto Filter.
For synths U-he’s DIVA is our holy grail. Such edgy and unpredictable sounds that we use for almos all our bass and leads. Besides that one, we like working with the subboombass of Rob Papen.

In this particular remix however our ongoing lead was created with the TAL-u-no-lx, combined with quite a few MS20s and Polysixes and and of course a DIVA bass. We tried to create a warm bath of pad synths and vague arpegiators. Which was easy since the original track has these amazing pads. This more 80s soundbank you hear back in the drumkit containing 808 snare and percussions. We enjoy creating a rich drum track with particular love for toms and several hihat patterns. Making things dance around eachother.

As we said we mostly use software and work digitally. But we have a lot of guitar stompboxes that we like to use during recording. Roland’s stompbox version of the space echo, EHX phaser, etc.
Also whenever it feels good we like to record real bass. Which is also the case in this remix.
When it comes to mixing, it’s not until the end that we start using non ableton material. We’re enjoying the Tubetech plugins and the Schaack transient shaper.

– What’s the story behind the Familiar Stranger remix?

Our goal was to maintain the dreamy energy of the original, but giving it more of a song structure with leads, verse and chorus. As a contrast to the more ‘intermission’ feeling of the original.
Breaktrough in the new version is the addition of the lead and the filtered bass. The bassguitar in the ‘chorus’ finished it. After that it was all about creating richness in the track, with subtile arps, drum accents.
We really enjoy the fact that the original is so much in there, but it’s a completely different track. The pads are clear, but also the transformed high tones of the original is still quite defining.

– What can we expect from you in the near future?

We’re currently working on our second EP. This should be finished before spring. This means world domination is scheduled for august. It’s a bit darker and more abstract then what we’ve done before.

Check the remix out HERE:

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